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The vision of the book

I had a dream in 1967 to help my children identify and understand the obstacles they would encounter along life’s long journey. I began collecting as much documented knowledge as possible. It included quotes, stories, books, seminars, cartoons, articles, and notes. After 53 years, I was mesmerized at the volume of hidden jewels collected and humbled by the mental giants whose cherished words had endured for millennia—it became my Holy Grail, a cache of many rare and priceless antiquities. With resolute passion, I began the arduous task of sharing this treasure trove of instructional and inspirational gems.


Everyone’s journey is replete with pain, stress, and worry. Obstacles and problems raise their ugly heads daily. Without tools and skills, it is impossible to slay these impending dragons. On life’s journey, one will experience difficult people, failed relationships, love, death, addictions, temptations, and danger. This treatise addresses and proposes solutions to all of these problems.


Dr. Tony Cedolini and his family

Reflections 4.jpg

Dr. Tony Cedolini and his wife Clare

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.”


—Robert Louis Stevenson

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